Photovoltaic panel fixing structure

Why choose the techniques and systems Omnia

Omniablok is the quickest and safest method for installing your photovoltaic plant.

From our twenty-year experience developed in the roof sector, we -as Omnia Spatial Structures - produce kits adapted for your plant with the main and concept of maintaining the impermeable characteristics of the roof. 

Designed according to the principle of modularity, Omniablok is the quickest system to assemble amongst all photovoltaic module systems in the market. In addition, it is the only system in which the photovoltaic panels rest on the entire perimeter thus making it suitable to be stepped on.

In most cases, Omniablok is capable of installing photovoltaic plants without using ballast and drilling holes in the roof. This depends on the place the plant is intended to be installed.

However, our technical staff is at your disposal ready to follow you step by step when designing the plant in question.

Assembly times:
Using a 14 mm Allen key, 4 operators are capable of installing about 700 modules on a sloping roof and about 200 modules on a flat roof in one work day.

Below are assembly instructions, brochures and technical data sheets.

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