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The behaviour of the Omniablok frame, with respect to the atmospheric agents, has been subject of debate among the operators. It comes as no surprise that the Omnia Spatial Structures technical staff analyses each and every installation in the geographic location thereof (address and building number of the place of installation) and, when it necessary, certifies the correct execution thereof with technical report.

We hereby attach an important testimonial regarding a wind storm that hit our province on 24th September 2012. The climatic phenomenon caused evident damages to numerous buildings, in particular in the industrial area of Brescia.

The wind blew off roofs, sheet gutters, destroyed prefabricated walls and broke doors and windows. One of our installations is in one of these buildings, the building has about 3000 panels and it was installed lying on the roof without being fixed thereto in any manner whatsoever. Albeit the event, the framework was not subjected to any stress; some photovoltaic modules were damaged by the metal fragments blown off from the roof of the installation and the neighbouring ones but none was dislodged from the its position.

Below are some photos of the installation after the natural phenomenon.