Solar panels mounting systems: easy and simple way to installing solar panels

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As previously mentioned, the main advantage of the "Omniablok" casting photovoltaic panel fixing system lies in the simplicity of assembly and procedures to installing solar panels..

Fixing photovoltaic panels using the structure studied by Omnia allows major advantages, both for the installer and for the end user of the panels.

In summary, it may be said that the advantages of these solar panel mounting systems include:

  • Quick error-free laying times.
  • No drilling in the underlying roof in 95% of the cases, hence the installer has no responsibility on the sealing of the roof;
  • The system allows installing solar panels and placing the photovoltaic panels on the entire perimeter, thus when both laying and cleaning, the system is accessible to the operators (walking on the structure frames), thus avoiding flexions which could lead to damaging the panel internal cells;

  • The four channels cast in "Omniablok" allow laying the panels in the seat thereof;
  • solar panels mounting systems
  • To installing solar panels, constrained on the angles through an aluminium washer allows the natural dilatation of the panel thus avoiding damaging the photovoltaic panels, sometimes caused by the constraint point of the conventional fixing systems currently available in the market;
  • Omnia spatial structures also provides solutions for mounting panels on flat roofs and on facades;
  • The weight of the Omnia structure as regards mounting of the modules on flat roofs amounts to 9,90 Kg/m2 and given that it is an entirely connected modular grid structure, it does not require neither ballast nor drilling;
  • Photovoltaic panels are inclined depending on the customer's request;
  • The grids are custom-moulded depending on the size of the photovoltaic module;
  • Our technical staff guides the user as regards design and, upon request, certifies the correct execution thereof with technical report against atmospheric agents, drafted by our engineers;
  • "Omniablok" is made of light alloy cast, the grids are made of S235 hot galvanised steel, the nuts are graded 8.8 galvanised 8 microns and 'Omnia" branded.