Solar panels fixing and photovoltaic panel installation

Which are the Omnia Structures advantages?
Great strength little weight Great strength little weight

The Omnia Spatial Structures grid structures are suitable for various solutions: due to the configuration of the articulation joint, which allows modelling in large and s...

Ampliable and re-modulable Ampliable and re-modulable

Another major advantage of the Omnia Spatial Structures grid structures lies in being ampliable and re-modellable as regards the shape and dimensions thereof at any time....

Transport practicatilty Transport practicatilty

The Omnia Spatial Structures grid modular structures are leading edge products as regards transport. Actually, a 1200 x 800 x 1000h mm box contains up to 50 m2 of structu...


The behaviour of the Omniablok frame, with respect to the atmospheric agents, has been subject of debate among the operators. It comes as no surprise that the Omnia Spati...

Omniastrutture, company specialising in solar panel installation and photovoltaic panel installation

Welcome to the planet of OMNIA® structures. We are using the term "planet" with the aim of describing the endless possibilities of application of our system.

Patented in 1994, after three years of operation under the "Bottega del ferro®" brand, we created OMNIA SPATIAL STRUCTURES, a leader company designing, producing and creating spatial structures for roofs, photovoltaic panel fixing structure, solar panels mounting systems and projecting roofs.

Backed by our experience in the roofing industry, in 2011 Omnia Spatial Structures patented a new laying system for solar panels fixing and photovoltaic panels fixing which allows installing a system without drilling the roof.

Yet another winner move in an ever-evolving environment.