Reticular spatial steel structure for fixing solar panels

Omnia Spatial Structures - Two elements to cover the infinite

Photovoltaic Panel Fixing structure and Reticular Steel Structures

All the features of the Omniablok node for fixing photovoltaic panels and our spatial reticular structures for industrial roofing, iron shelters, air-supported structures for technological systems, façade claddings.

Reticular spatial steel structure for fixing solar panels

Welcome to the planet of OMNIA® steel structures.

OMNIA SPATIAL STRUCTURES was established in 1996, after three years of manufacturing under the brand "Bottega del ferro®", as a leading company in the design, production and realisation of steel reticular structures.

In 2011, thanks to its experience in the field of roofing, Omnia Spatial Structures patented OMNIABLOK, a new system for mounting and fitting photovoltaic panels perfect for installing solar panels, without the need to drill the roof. Omniablok is the latest invention included in the production of Omnia Spatial Structures. It was created by simply modifying the junction points of the Omnia spatial reticular structures while preserving their characteristics and using the same materials.

The Omniablok structure allows you to assembly and fasten photovoltaic panels on any type of roof - flat and sloped, barrel and Y-beams - without the need to drill the roof, which is the main advantage and basic concept on which the product was designed.

The installation of a photovoltaic system without drilling the roofing protects the installer, relieving him from any responsibility in case of water leaks from the roof. The speed of installation is definitely another great advantage of the OMNIABLOK system, tailored to the size of the photovoltaic module in use. The structure, fitted using bolts and fasteners only, guarantees great stability and resistance against the action of wind.

Our spatial reticular structures are perfect not only as a support for photovoltaic panels but also to build industrial roofing. They are especially ideal to create industrial sheds and iron and galvanised steel shelters. Our modular steel structures are also suitable for all constructs not necessarily intended for roofing, such as facades, facades cladding, canopies and internal lattices in existing sheds.

The production process of the Omnia Spatial Structures reticular structures starts from hot-dip galvanised steel rods cut to size according to the desired pattern (thick or wide). The grids obtained are flattened, drilled at the ends and positioned in iron baskets. Once provided with the appropriate bolts and fasteners, the material is ready for mounting.

Furthermore it is important not to neglect the aesthetic aspect so all our structures can be varnished with a color of the RAL range, if required.

The basic colour of the Omnia structures is, otherwise, a zinc light gray. The patented system to fit the elements through the use of bolts and fasteners only allows a quick and easy assembly, and makes the structures expandable and moulded in their shape, confirming the versatility of the system.

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