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The 'accessories complement and complete the universality of the module

K foot

Designed for supporting the structure and safeguarding the roof membrane, the K-foot is particularly suited for roofs with insulation layer. Its base, with a 20cm diameter, ensures effective load distribution and is height- adjustable for accommodating uneven surfaces

K1 presser foot

K1 presser foot

26mm to 37mm

K2 presser foot

K2 presser foot

37mm to 59mm

K3 presser foot

K3 presser foot

59mm to 91mm

K4 presser foot

K4 presser foot

91mm to 148mm

K5 presser foot

K5 presser foot

148mm to 205mm

Fiberglass plate

For flat structures installed on delicate roofing membranes, it is Provided a fiberglass plate to be applied below the casting Omniablok. From load tests performed at the civil engineering department. University of Brescia, it was determined that each of these plates is capable of to withstand more than 5,000 kg before reaching failure.

Find out what benefits make Omniablok the solution to your problems:

Omniablok benefits


Struttura leggera in quanto interamente collegata

Velocità di posa

Senza alcun rischio di errore

No drilling

Few roof fixings  


In Italy and abroad


Upon request, the resistance certification is drawn up

No ballast weight

Being a modular reticular linked structure

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