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Iron or steel shelters are compact coverings typically positioned adjacent to a building, providing pedestrians with shelter from weather conditions.


Crafted with small to medium grid formats, meticulously painted and designed with attention to aesthetics and details, they enhance the property’s value.


Omnia structures’ shelters, meticulously planned and fabricated entirely by our tea, can be suspended or supported by pillar; the grids are constructed from S235JR steel, galvanized, painted in the requested RAL colour, while bolts are grade 8.8 zinc-coated white with 8 microns and branded Omnia


Mezzanines, situated within buildings, function to vertically divide a workspace, establishing an additional level above the structure
The objective is to optimize the utilization of space within the property, generating an extra floor suitable for use as a warehouse, production area or new office space.

Two components to encompass the limitless

Omniasystem advantages


Weighing just 18 kg/

Full Assembly Kit

Elements are interconnected solely through bolt connections


Our Team is at your complete disposal

Quick laying

Error risk-free quick-laying

Tailored To Fit

The System is meticulously designed to match the roof and installation location specifications


Certification provided by our engineers is available upon request

Thermal Expansions

Thermal Expansions are effectively managed at the node


In Italy and abroad

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