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Founded in 1996, after three years of successful achievements under the brand “Bottega del ferro ®” Omnia spatial structures emerged as a premier company specializing in the design, fabrication and construction of steel grid structures.

Drawing from our roots as blacksmiths, we possess an understanding of metal, its applications, and its behaviour in various contexts.

The durability, strength and versatility of steel serve as the inspiration and guiding principles of our business philosophy.



Represents the latest innovation introduced in Omnia Spatial Structures’ production line. It was created in 2010 by simply modifying the junction point of Omnia spatial grid structures while preserving their characteristics and using the same materials.

The Omniablok allows the installation and securing the photovoltaic panels on various roof types, including flat, sloping, barrel-shaped, and those with Y-beams, while minimizing the need for roof penetrations. This key advantage and core concept of the system have been thoroughly studied. As a result of that, the installer is safeguarded and absolved of liability in the event of roof water leakage


Our spatial grid structures are ideal not only for supporting photovoltaic panels but also for constructing industrial roofs, especially for industrial warehouse roofs and iron or galvanized steel shelters. Moreover, our modular steel structures are well- suited for diverse applications beyond roofing, including façades, façade cladding, grid towers and internal mezzanines within existing warehouses.


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