Omnia Swimming Pool

Omnia Swimming Pool

This is an entirely above the ground swimming pool, it does not require excavation and has zero impact. It is ideal for environmentally restricted areas.

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Omnia Swimming Pool

You've always wanted to indulge in the luxury of having your own swimming pool. And you want it unique, customised, different from the usual.

The Omnia swimming pool is the latest addition to Omnia Spatial Structures’ products on the market.

Its style and finish reflect your taste make it a design above the ground swimming pool. Modular and made of galvanised steel Omnia reticular structure, it is easy and quick to mount. No excavation is required to commence the works. All you need is to provide a foundation floor.

How to install Omnia's above the ground swimming pools?

The structure can also be mounted by non-specialised personnel, following the design and assembly instructions, by connecting gratings and diagonals with galvanised bolts, included in the supply. The next step concerns the part dedicated to constructing the basin and installations in the above the ground swimming pools: The walls are then installed with Magnelis sheet panels. Magnelis is a coating made of zinc and magnesium offering ultra-high resistance to corrosion. The panels are pre-drilled for the mounting of the infinity-effect skimmers, with an internal coating made of 15/10 THK reinforced Vinyl Liner available in various colours. Saline electrolysis water treatment systems, automatic pH metering systems and filters with glass sand filtering bed. LED lighting, internal corner staircase and covering with PVC canvas complete the work.

As far as the technical aspect and the supply of materials for swimming pools are concerned, Omnia Spatial Structures collaborates with Piscine Pelucchi. The last step to finish the work consists of laying strips or tiles, constructing a staircase to access the pool area and the perimeter enclosure with parapet if deemed necessary.

Omnia swimming pool is an above the ground swimming pool, entirely customisable in details to meet your taste.

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