Reticular and Spatial Structure through steel lattice beams

Omnia Technique - The versatility of Omnia structures

Our modular steel structures are also ideal for facade cladding and for the construction of lattices for the support of technological systems.

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Reticular and Spatial Structure through steel lattice beams

Omnia Technique is the department of Omnia Patial Structures that deals with all the realisations not intended for roofing, exploiting the modularity of our steel structures

Specifically, the orders carried out are mainly facades and facade claddings.

The photos below show some of our references, such as the external cladding of our premises, provided with gray-painted spatial reticular structure, or the facade of an important car dealer in Bergamo, featuring Omnia reticular structure and expanded metal sheet panels.

Another type of application of the Omnia Technique category are lattices, where the Omnia steel structure is used for the air-supported structures for technological systems. An important reference in this field is the construction in Istanbul, Turkey, of a structural lattice designed to house a 1800 mm diameter metal pipe.

The versatility of the "omnia technique" project allows the easy installation of the reticular structures even in the presence of the change in inclination and direction.

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